After a profound experience in her life, Marie started her own musical work by composing melodies and writing lyrics.

Soon afterwards, she met the musician Sam White who then started to arrange her songs. Marie’s inspiring friendship with him also has deeply influenced her new program “Nothing really stays the same”.

The quickness in which some songs were arranged even surprised both of them. Almost magical…

Genre-wise, Marie’s style of music surely belongs in the realm of pop, however it also encompasses classical elements. This art of music is the perfect way to musically express herself and Marie feels completely at home with it.

Music has always played an important role in Marie's life. In her earliest childhood, she loved singing in a choir and played passionately various instruments. At the age of eight, she sang in front of a large audience for the first time.
Marie’s performance at her best friend's funeral was a key experience in her life, because she suddenly felt the strong wish to realise her dream of a solo career. At the same time, Marie understood that studying musicology was not the ideal way to make this dream come true. Consequently, she quit her studies and started to work freelance as a classical soprano.

Marie trained her voice with the help of celebrated singing teachers and internationally well-respected opera singers. This new musical inspiration led to several stage performances of self-composed concert programs as well as the recording of a CD with famous opera arias. 

…when her life was turned upside down, she decided it was time to embark on a new journey: the creation of her own wonderful music! Nothing really stays the same…